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Sunburn in Motion

My obsession with symmetry and patterns as they translate my concepts to reality.  First fieldwork for 2013 yet it left an imperative mark on me.  Albeit paltry amount of time allotted for each community, you’ll get the chance to know more of living tradition and intangible culture (or is it just me who grew up in a civilized area who is ignorant of the truth).  Bow to the front-liners who continue to sacrifice their time and effort just to reach out to different tribes; it is strenuous yet I believe it is fulfilling.  I am living in a glass half-full with water; as opposed to others who wait for someone to fill in the first drop.

This photo was taken in the middle of nowhere in Brgy. Kastila.  As we are searching for heifers in the field, I noticed this distant tree with branches positioned in both sides.

These snapshots were captured during the conduct of my fieldwork (so the location varies from Paluan to San Jose).