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Blind Spot

I was caught off guard.

I was captured by your reasoning and comprehension. It was my fault that I cannot coast along your level of maturity. That was the longest 48 hours of unreconciled altercate (and still counting). How I really wanted to revert back on what has been said. Unfortunately, I cannot.


Shrieking voices of unheard corpses wakened me
Disturbed, I found myself grasping for breathe
A sudden twitch spreading through me
As tears, sweat, and blood slowly swallowing my totality
Numbness starts to overcome my frail body
Flashbacks grieved with haunted accusations
I tried to resist the vengeful whisper of unseen shadows

But I must admit
I am already a defeat

It is now 9 53 in the evening—will not kill me yet made me weak
With a thief in greed of wasted time
Now tell me,
Am I to suffer? Am I the aggrieved?
Is this really at par to what I deserve?