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Imagine Dragons

Inspired and broken at the same time…
With waterproof knuckles and crashed senses,
I opened myself to the crestfallen
Attached I am to the invisible
Handing over my ten fingers
Along with my ten sorrows.
Relying with what I know is right
Relying more with what I feel than what I know
Relying more with what I desire than what I feel
This randomness.  Fifth Chances. Just ineffable.
Simple things to do to make you feel special
Simple things to do to make you feel valued

Let me do those simple things to you; 
Let me do those simple things with you. 

More Than Just A Blind Spot

El fin, how can I even begin? Countless times it has been committed, deep remorse expressed yet it will not suffice. Dense I am not to foresee it, guilty I am to genuinely believe it.

In this nonchalant life I travel, it is not very oft to encounter Him who defines your existence. A life well hidden labelled Anonymous was accepted and bequeathed freedom to defy all odds. It was long before I realized that bit by bit, a borstal has been created to conceal and incarcerate Him. I am slowly turning Him into the Anonymous that I used to be. It was never my intention though my actions convey otherwise.

Now that He absconded, I pitied myself.  I am now counting for the hours to pass apace.  Fully admitted that time is the antagonist I cannot defeat.  Clandestinely deceiving myself of the happiness I do not deserve.  It is not I to judge but it is Him to reprimand.