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Dugout Canoe (Cavinti/ Magdalena/ Liliw/ Nagcarlan Expedition)

For 21 years, we have failed to unearth the obvious.  Albeit peculiar it is to loaf around with them, traversing the municipalities of Laguna exposes history and customs.  Shooting the rapids was actually my 2012 year-ender and the best part in family trips is our freedom from financial responsibilities.  =) My words might be vague, but what I really mean is that I am missing home.

Here are some of the excerpts lifted from various sites.

Cavinti:  Do you know that the world-famous Pagsanjan Falls is actually not in Pagsanjan? This famous tourist destination is located in Brgy. Anglas, Cavinti, Laguna. A big “WELCOME TO CAVINTI” sign erected on top of a big rock on the river on the way to the falls will let the tourists know that they are no longer in Pagsanjan. http//www.waypoints.ph/detail_gen.php?wpt=pgsnjf

Magdalena: It was formerly a barrio of Majayjay, Laguna.  A petition from the residents of the barrio for the creation of a new town was presented on September 15, 1819. It was then proclaimed a new town by Governor General Don Mariano Fernández de Folgueras on January 18, 1820, and was originally named “Magdalena de Ambling”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magdalena,_Laguna

Liliw: According to a story, Liliw got its name from a bird.  It was  said that Gat Tayaw and his followers decided to erect a bamboo pole and to name the town after the bird that would first alight at the top of the pole.  Within four days, a crow was the first to alight on the pole.  A crow was considered bad and so Gat Tayaw and his men moved south and erected another bamboo pole.   A beautiful bird alighted on the pole and sang, “Liw, Liw, Liw”. Thus the town became Liliw. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liliw,_Laguna

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery: Considered a national historical landmark because its underground crypt was used as a secret meeting place in 1896 by Filipino revolutionaries (Katipuneros), members of the KKK.  During the Filipino-American War, Filipino patriots also used the underground cemetery to formulate their battle plans and to seek shelter.  There are no famous hero buried here but perhaps, it is enough that we pay our respects to this place where our nameless heroes and patriots sought sanctuary.  ttp://www.lagunatravelguide.com/index.php?page=nagcarlan-underground-cemetery

Man in the Moon (Apo Reef Adventure and Pandan Island)

This post was inspired from the movie Rise of the Guardians, having Jack Frost being frustrated with the Man in the Moon never answering his questions about who he was or why he was created …

2/D 1/N travel with the backpackers as I planned the trip the cheapest way possible.

By Air:

Based from the updated flight schedule of Cebu Pacific effective December 1, 2012, there are 4 trips per week (Mo/ We/ Fr/ Su) via flights 5J-513 and 5J-514 which will take approximately 50 minutes.  From San Jose airport, go straight to the bus terminal via tricycle and ride a bus heading to Sablayan.  Travel time will take more or less 2 and a half to 3 hours and the ticket will cost you around P100.

By Land/ Sea (preferred for budgeted trips):

Given that Christmas break is fast approaching, we decided to purchase our tickets a week before the planned dates.  From Alabang, there is a terminal for Dimple Star Buses that go straight to Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. The fare to Sablayan is P850.00 inclusive of the ferry and terminal fee in Batangas Port. Last trip is 0700PM. Contact No: 0908-631-5495 or 0908-696-4803 for inquiries.

Moving on to the frustrating part: the Dimple Star buses in Alabang will still go to their terminal in Pasay Road to collect fellow passengers (still manageable), and afterwards, they will still go back to Alabang terminal (and I just don’t get the point). Just a reminder, ensure that you’ll only sit with the reserved seat as indicated in your bus ticket to lessen any delays.

Now that you’re in Sablayan, what to do next?!

In reality, tours in Apo Reef are managed and controlled by their local government.

Contact No: Ate Norie/Ate Helen 0928-465-9585

Email: amazingsablayan@yahoo.com/ ecotourism_sablayan_occmdo@yahoo.com.ph

But what we did was we rented a boat instead without any registration since their office is closed at the time we arrived. Come negotiation, the last price for the rent is P8,000 good for 8 to 10 persons which is still reasonable since other travellers/ bloggers paid between the range of P7,500 to P9,000.

Entrance fee in Apo Reef is P225 per person for Filipinos and P450 per person for foreigners. Snorkel and mask set can be rented at the Pandan Island for 100.00/set, so as the tents at P150 that is good for two persons and P300 which is good for 4-5 persons.  Diving in Apo Reef can also be arranged in the tourism office which will range from P3,750 to P4,000 inclusive of one-time diving fee, dive master fee, and equipment/ gear/ tank rental.

The moon that shines and serves as light together with the vivid sparks from the myriad of fellow stars.

I just laid and stared the night away.  Frost at the end of the movie found his center and accepted his duties and responsibilities as the Guardian of Fun.  Well, happy for him, we all seek for something and ask questions no one can answer.  Try and ask yourself or probably the man in the moon on who you are? Why are you created? What is your purpose? Discombobulated we are of the truth, but maybe we are just blinded.

If you’re still up to other activities, make the most out of it while you’re still in Sablayan. Check this site which promotes how really AMAZING SABLAYAN is! http://www.sablayan.net/