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Ambon-Ambon Falls + Amansinaya (Laurel, Batangas)

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring Inoki or Sonic with me.  Hence, photos posted herein are just compilation of the shots captured by my fellow backpackers.

We are not here for a team building just like most people do.  The trip was made possible because of ‘Ensogo’ promo deal, which is crucial nowadays for a short-budget jaunt (if you’re getting the gist).  Anyways, early we rise to head to PJs crib for this day trip.  Good thing we live in the South as it lessen the travel time while MC playing on the background.  We arrived 9 in the morning to wait up until 10 to start the trek.  You’ll be able to glimpse two-minute bodies of water along the way to end up realizing that ‘Ambon-Ambon (Drizzle-Drizzle) Falls’ will wrap up the trail. Let the moist enwrap your body as the fall is enclosed with rocks; but you can actually dip in and feel the gravity plummet your totality.  The trek lasted for about two hours or so.

Then afternoon came, around 2 we went to Pugad Lawin Adventure Camp, the place where all the activities are pooled together.  From wall climbing to zip line, but it is pretty obvious that doing mudslide topped the rank.  We even videoed ourselves while doing it and credit to VB for compiling it.

And off we go to the road again heading to Alabang for dinner.  Summing up, given the money constraint, it is worth it.  For travellers who wish a day event, I think this will already suffice.