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Tuktuk Road Trip (AM)

Typical stroll in the park – – – instead of the usual road trips, our tuktuk drivers were the ones who navigated us around the streets of Siem Reap.  Take note that this is based from the itinerary we presented to Sir Bun Kao – so have it customized if you want.
As you’ll notice, the proposed IT is more on sightseeing as my parents can no longer attend to physical and stressful activities.  =) except for shopping of course. lol
(1) Siem Reap Royal Residence/ Palace
Address: National Route 6 (Airport Road), Siem Reap, Cambodia
(2) Wat Preah Prohm Rath 
Address: Pokambor Avenue, Siem Reap, Siem Reap
One of the oldest monastery in Siem Reap in term of running time, has a history approximately 500 years. The King Ang Chan, who dedicated this monastery to Preah Ang Chang-Han Hoy and to the spirits of Ta Pom Yeay Rat. This temple was also established to propagate the Dhama (the Buddha teaching), and to provide lodging for monks., as many of them who came to Siem Reap who did not has lodging at that time.

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3) Psar Chaa or known as the ‘Old Market’
Address: Psar Chaa Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia

For Filipinos, this isn’t something new.  Stalls are lined up selling souvenirs, clothes, food, and sundry items (same with tiangges).  You can also ask for discounts on several items, specially if you’ll buy in bulks.

4) Wat Kesararam – Pagoda of the Cornflower Petals
Address: Road No 6, next to Sokha Hotel

Pagodas and monks welcome visitors and tourists. Please always remember to not disturb monks during prayer or eating times, women are not allowed to touch monks, bow slightly in the presence of older monks, don’t point soles of feet or fingers towards monks or Buddha statues, sit with feet tucked behind rather than crossed, hats off in the monastery grounds, take off your shoes in the building, speak softly, ask before taking pictures, don’t enter closed buildings without permission, contribute what you can to the donation box.  (Reference:

Self-portrait before lunch time! =)

The Art and Bond (The Khmer Ceramic & Fine Arts Centre)

The Khmer Ceramic & Fine Arts Centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia is dedicated to the renaissance and appreciation of the lost Cambodian art, pottery, ceramics & tableware. The center was founded in 2006 to revive the skill and knowledge of this technically challenging and beautiful hand crafted art form; they propose Contemporary tableware, vases, lavabos – – – inspired by Cambodian culture and environment, both functional and decorative. They also export their products worldwide.

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Warm Bodies (Bun Kao Guesthouse)

Where to Stay?!
If you are on a tight budget and the kind of person not really particular on where to stay, why not try Bun Kao Guesthouse? It is unusual for me to post a review of the places we have checked-in, but this is to return the favour to the Kao family.  They are very hospitable and you will feel their warmth all throughout your stay in Cambodia.  Just take note that this is a guesthouse and not a hotel.  One thing more, they offer free  tuktuk transfer from the airport to this guesthouse, vice versa.

You should remove your shoes upon entering the house. =)

View from outside the room.

Room rates as of 10.31.2013                                      Converted

Single room A/C hot shower          14U$D/ night                         PhP605
Twin room A/C hot shower            14U$D/ night                         PhP605
Triple room A/C hot shower           21U$D/ night                        PhP907
Twin room Fan hot shower             11U$D/ night                          PhP475
Triple room Fan hot shower           15U$D/ night                         PhP648

Dorm room     hot shower                 4U$D/ night                          PhP173
Dorm room   fan not hot water      3U$D/ night                           PhP130

For a family of 5, we reserved for 1 twin + 1 triple room but upon checking in, a triple room can already accommodate all of us; that is why we negotiated with Sir Noy if we can stay in the triple room instead.  They charged us 5U$D each converted at PhP216 per person per night inclusive of breakfast (French bread, butter, jam, egg, and banana).

Upon arrival, we presented our do-it-yourself itinerary then they commented on it and told us if it will be feasible or not.  We asked them to arrange our dinner buffet and Aspara Cultural Dance show, tuktuk services, and the bus transfer to Bangkok.

Modes of Transportation                                     Price
Tuktuk (can accommodate 4 persons)     15U$D/ day/ tuktuk (PhP648)
Car (can accommodate 4 persons)             30U$D/ day (PhP1,295)
Van (can accommodate 15 persons)          40-50U$D/ day (PhP1,727 to 2,159)

Suggested Itinerary 
Day 00
0745PM 0930PM Manila to Siem Reap International Airport
1000PM – 1030PM Check-in (Travel to Hotel/ Guesthouse)

Day 01
0700AM – 0800AM Breakfast
0800AM – 1000AM Khmer Ceramics
1000AM – 1200PM Wat Kaseram “Pagoda of Cornflower Petals”/ Wat Preah Prohm Rath/ Old Market
1200PM – 0100PM Lunch
0100PM – 0600PM Cambodian Cultural Village
0600PM – 0900PM Dinner Buffet + Aspara Cultural Show

Day 02
0500AM – 0600AM Angkor Wat Sunrise
0700AM – 0800AM Breakfast
0900AM – 0500PM Angkor Wat Tour (South Gate of the Angkor Thom, Bayon, Baphoun, Elephant Terrace, Terrace of Leper King, Takoa, Ta Prom, Srah Srang, and Angkor Wat)
000PM – 0600PM Bakheng Mountain Sunset
0600PM – 0700PM Dinner
0700PM – 0900PM Night Market

Optional Tours 
(1) Angkor Wat Tour: Pre Rup, Banteay Srey, Banteay Samre, East Mebon, Tasom, Neak Pean, Preah Khan, Kbal Spean, Rolous Group (Bakong, Preah kor and Lolei)
(2) Beng Mealea temple and the Floating Village

You can contact Sir Bun Kao (owner) or Sir Noy (son) through this mail:
Address: #0566, Banteay Chas Village, Wat Bo Road, Siem Reap Cambodia
Phone (+855 ) 12 25 67 05/ (+855 ) 63 966 589

* Conversion Rate used is U$D1 = PhP43.179 as of October 31, 2013.