Ako si Jid Albin

Yet, another blogger existed.

This will eventually turn out to be of no importance to majority; and ennui to some. But who cares, no favor was asked to waste your time reading this…this is intended to kill time and open myself to a horde of total strangers. I will make the most out of my capabilities and try my best to create an envisioned and well-formed ideas.

KLDKRN! is the disemvowelment of the word “kaladkarin”, which is a Filipino word that means ‘drag’.

Jid Albin, on the other hand, is a pseudonym of the writer’s name so as not to confuse with another author or notable individual.

The lens of the camera that serves as the extension of my eye has captured enough light. Dilettante I am in web blog and photography, I am still trying to express myself through words and images for I travel not only for the landmarks and landscapes, but also for the culture and tradition. There is still a lot to discover and if you will only permit me, I want to take that expedition with you. Just drag me anywhere. =)

I once identified myself Anonymous but through Jid Albin, I promise to write a story behind every journey that KLDKRN! never fails to capture. Please bear with me as I explore the limitless horizons of human intellect.

Basically, this is me during lucid interval =)

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions” – Dalai Lama.

15 thoughts on “Ako si Jid Albin”

  1. thanks for following my blog bro. 🙂 kulit ng name ng blog mo catchy, kaladkarin hehehe. hope to read more of your post soon :-). thanks ulit.

  2. The KEVINCIBLES may have scarce experience on travels but from now on, it’s giving KLDKRN’s the freedom to drag and take him to his future expeditions. All the best for both! Let’s travel the world for all its worth!

    1. But this is not a travel blog bespren, its about my life being dragged. I do have the freedom to drag and take you anywhere but I still leave you the discretion. =)

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