The Art and Bond (The Khmer Ceramic & Fine Arts Centre)

The Khmer Ceramic & Fine Arts Centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia is dedicated to the renaissance and appreciation of the lost Cambodian art, pottery, ceramics & tableware. The center was founded in 2006 to revive the skill and knowledge of this technically challenging and beautiful hand crafted art form; they propose Contemporary tableware, vases, lavabos – – – inspired by Cambodian culture and environment, both functional and decorative. They also export their products worldwide.

What we availed of is the Basic Clay Class worth 15USD each:

– You get 3 balls of clay to ”Make your own pot”;
– You make 3 pieces, you can make them on the potter wheel or by modeling the clay by hand;
– You can customize your pieces with carving or ‘’Kbach*’’;
– Choose your favorite piece to be fired (If more than 1, each piece will be charged $5 extra);
– After you finish your piece, wait for it to dry and then they will fire it in kiln; and,
– You can pick up your piece the next day after 4pm, or they can also deliver it to your Hotel or Guest House in Siem Reap!

The Art of Kbach – decorative elements of Cambodian architecture. Generally the art of kbach is based on a number of basic shapes (the frontal lotus petal shape, the Ficus religiosa leaf shape, the mythical goose tail shape, the flame shape, etc.). These standard basic shapes are internally divided into more complex ornaments using one of the styles of division characteristic for a specific school of kbach. As kbach is an oral tradition, passed down through learning and making.

Family in Action…It was mom’s idea to try this one albeit there are a lot of this in the Ph.  Odd but still worth a try. =)

– Duration: This course will take about 1 to 1.30 hours.
– Price: $15 all inclusive, except if you want extra fired pieces +$5. Your pottery will be functional.

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Opening hours: Everyday from 08:00AM to 07:30PM daily.

(All information presented in this article was lifted from this site: Reference  and for more details).

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