Cupcake-filled Weekend

CCS Bakeshop
The Baking & Cake Decorating School
91 8th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1109
(02)912 1163 / (02)775 2208 / (0922)874 8022
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Basic Commercial Cupcake
One Day Class / By Appointment / 9 am to 4 pm
Want to start a cupcake business? We recommend this one day workshop for beginners.

8 Recipes
1) Super-moist Dark Chocolate Cupcake
2) Super Mocha Blueberry Cupcakes
3) Perfect Carrot Cupcake
4) Banana Walnut
5) Red Velvet
6) Classic Vanilla
7) Kahlua Coffee Cupcakes
8) Lemon-Strawberry Cupcake

2 Frostings
9) No Melt Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
10) No Melt Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Not bad for a first-time baker, I guess. lol

Everything should start with something.  Now that we have started, what will be the next step? hehe =) – with Ryan and Arian! #JackOfAllTradesMode

Dark Haven

Harsh and adrift the streets proffer,
Holding her temporary sanity at risk,
Dimmed by lust and incessant sorrow,
Feeling tensed and queasiness uplift.
Left and agitated by her only affection,
Oblivious of his unknown intention,
Embracing her permanent condition,
Yearning for that obsessive passion.
Tried her luck for nine long months,
But she has nothing but uncombed,
Injected and dragged by drugs,
Carrying a dead body in her womb.
Harsh and adrift the world covers,
Rummaging for her own heaven,
Illumined by lust and wounded sorrow,
Life well hidden inside her dark haven.