More Than Just A Blind Spot

El fin, how can I even begin? Countless times it has been committed, deep remorse expressed yet it will not suffice. Dense I am not to foresee it, guilty I am to genuinely believe it.

In this nonchalant life I travel, it is not very oft to encounter Him who defines your existence. A life well hidden labelled Anonymous was accepted and bequeathed freedom to defy all odds. It was long before I realized that bit by bit, a borstal has been created to conceal and incarcerate Him. I am slowly turning Him into the Anonymous that I used to be. It was never my intention though my actions convey otherwise.

Now that He absconded, I pitied myself.  I am now counting for the hours to pass apace.  Fully admitted that time is the antagonist I cannot defeat.  Clandestinely deceiving myself of the happiness I do not deserve.  It is not I to judge but it is Him to reprimand. 


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