“Though silence means a thousand words, 
no one can comprehend unspoken thoughts”.

How I crave for something different.
When you do things within the usual,
What you will feel sooner is boredom.
When you do things out of your comfort zone,
Life gets exciting and fun.
For life will become humdrum,
If you will stay within your boundaries.
So why do I crave for something different?

“For life will become despondent,
if you will forever be hidden in tranquility.”

3 thoughts on “Introvert”

  1. All the while I feel like introvert, aloof from the surrounding people, attached to my comfort zone. Certainly, you will always have your crest fallen if you’ll forever be hidden in solitude, tranquility. Let’s not chase the world, let’s just be in the world.

    1. I guess you’ve been there already Kuya Kebs! Thanks for sharing the same sentiment. Shouldn’t we make our world and not just be in it? #JustWondering.

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