Wake Up Call (Avilon Zoo and Wawa Dam Expedition)

Expressing my gratitude to Busadre family for another field trip =) The day after the trek and I am on the road again. I wonder if it is Kyle who wants to go here or just the girl who is fond of lights. Hmmmm…Anyways, most of my photos for Avilon were deleted! Don’t know what’s wrong with Inoki these past few days. The only picture left and I am still wondering what creature this is:

Just joking Mami! =) It is recommended that you pay for a tour guide to really appreciate the habitat and behaviour of each animal. Visit this site for the zoo hours and entrance rates: http://avilonzoo.ph/

15 minutes away from the zoo is the gravity dam or commonly known as ‘Wawa Dam’. This used to be the only source of water in Metro Manila up until Angat Dam was built. There is an entrance fee of P2 per pax and additional P20 fee for parking. Do not worry as this will only take 5-10 minutes’ walk from the drop-off point.

I am either running in circles or rummaging the brink of infinity. Both ways lead to nowhere, but still decided to stay. One must begin before somebody blames the end. We are given countless chances yet we always let it pass. Waiting for the right time or hanging on for the right moment, oh common, that is poorly justified. Do not live as if you are dead. I guess you just have to wake up…

4 thoughts on “Wake Up Call (Avilon Zoo and Wawa Dam Expedition)”

    1. IFA is not defensive. Great post, too. The subject is just so pretty. :)) KLDKRN and IFA shouldve explored the place more. Heard there were caves waiting to be explored there.

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