Empress of the Sky (Thean Hou Temple)

Tien-Hou, the Chinese Goddess of fishermen, used to be a mortal woman named Lin Moniang with four brothers who were all sailors, each with their own ship. One day while at the sea, Tien-Hou fell into a coma. Her mother tried to revive her and eventually succeeded, but Tien-Hou protested that she had been awakened too soon. Later that day, three of her brothers returned home, saying that their ships had nearly been destroyed in storms at sea, but that a vision of Tien-Hou had appeared to them and led them to safety. The fourth brother never returned, for Tien-Hou had been awakened before she could save him. From the time she died, people named her Princess of Supernatural Favor.

Tien-Hou means “Empress of the Sky”, but she is known by many names throughout China. This syncretised temple with elements of BuddhismTaoism and Confucianism is a grandiose structure and represents a successful combination of modern architectural techniques and authentic traditional design featuring imposing pillars, spectacular roofs, ornate carvings and intricate embellishments.

How to go there?!
If you do not have any private vehicle with you, I highly recommend that you take a cab since the place is not accessible by train. You also have the option to ride the city rapid bus that stopped at the main road leading to Persiaran Endah, but the problem is that the Thean Hou Temple is situated on the top of Robson Hill, which means that you have to walk the steep initial ascent for about 5 to 10 minutes.  The exact address of the temple is 65 Persiaran Endah, off Jalan Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Castaways (Caramoan Expedition)

A point in your life where you imagined yourself being one of those castaways trapped in a foreign island – – – and we are no exception. We outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed the first-class municipality of Camarines Sur for 2 days and one night.  We settled with (http://caramoandiscovery.com/) for our meals, hotel accommodation, and package inclusions but you can directly contact Kuya Julius for tour arrangements: (0930) 399-3486 (free promotion to Kuya Julius! =)

And after that loooo…oooong and dull journey, we finally arrived. We proceeded to explore 4 of the several islets of Caramoan peninsula after we had our lunch.

(1) Lahus/ Lajos

(2) Matukad

We are all castaways trapped in a world filled with differences. The challenge is not to fight back, but to know how to blend in. Nobody won being a hermit anyways. Life itself is rewarding if you will only prove your worth. But more often than not, we cannot. From this point, we are either provoked or defeated; and it is up to us to decide on whether to stay to that point or not. In the reality show, you have to compete with others to win, but in reality, you have to compete with yourself to succeed.

(3) Cagbalinad

(4) Minalahos

St. Michael the Archangel Church, a historical church made of red bricks that was built in 15th century during the Spanish era.

Naive we are way back then, not knowing what lies ahead. Despite the struggle of life itself, things or people come when you least expect it. A friendship that was neither planned nor designed yet just happened. And as of the moment, we survived many things apart from the island. We survived UST, we survived college, we survived Accounting, and definitely, we will survive life! =)

List of Expenses


* From Cubao terminal – Naga City Bus Terminal (9 to 10 hours bus ride) – PhP1,000
* Naga City – Sabang Port/ Sabang Port – Naga City (1 hour and 30 minutes VAN ride) – – – PhP100 * 2 = PhP    200
* Sabang Port – Guijalo Port/ Guijalo Port – Sabang Port (2 hours boat ride) – – – PhP120 * 2 = PhP    240
* Terminal Fee upon disembarking the boat: PhP10 * 2 = PhP      20
* From Naga City Bus Terminal – Alabang (9 to 10 hours bus ride) – PhP   600

Meals and Accommodation

For a group of 4, the fee is PhP2,100 per pax, inclusive of PhP400 meals (lunch/ dinner/ breakfast)

* from Naga City Bus terminal, no need to ride a tricycle since it is already adjacent to SM City Naga. Once there, ask for the terminal of air-conditioned van that goes to Sabang Port. Take note that boat rides from Sabang Port to Guijalo Port starts as early as 6AM and leaves every 2 hours, with an extra trip up to 2PM depending on the volume of passengers.

Now it’s your turn to do the research and plan your trip-ala-Survivor mode! =)

Wake Up Call (Avilon Zoo and Wawa Dam Expedition)

Expressing my gratitude to Busadre family for another field trip =) The day after the trek and I am on the road again. I wonder if it is Kyle who wants to go here or just the girl who is fond of lights. Hmmmm…Anyways, most of my photos for Avilon were deleted! Don’t know what’s wrong with Inoki these past few days. The only picture left and I am still wondering what creature this is:

Just joking Mami! =) It is recommended that you pay for a tour guide to really appreciate the habitat and behaviour of each animal. Visit this site for the zoo hours and entrance rates: http://avilonzoo.ph/

15 minutes away from the zoo is the gravity dam or commonly known as ‘Wawa Dam’. This used to be the only source of water in Metro Manila up until Angat Dam was built. There is an entrance fee of P2 per pax and additional P20 fee for parking. Do not worry as this will only take 5-10 minutes’ walk from the drop-off point.

I am either running in circles or rummaging the brink of infinity. Both ways lead to nowhere, but still decided to stay. One must begin before somebody blames the end. We are given countless chances yet we always let it pass. Waiting for the right time or hanging on for the right moment, oh common, that is poorly justified. Do not live as if you are dead. I guess you just have to wake up…